Chapter I: A Beginners Guide to World Building

Initially Google, Yahoo and Other Search Engines are good first choices to creating a world.
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1. First Steps into a much larger world

Welcome travelers, to the timekeepers guide to world building. Able to be edited by anyone, as long as the core idea is expanded on. This also includes external links of personal world building guides.
Any world that is dedicated too events in another part of this universe(Ancient Legends),seperate from the main planet use on this website, will be transferred to Universal Legends, the father site of this one, and is suggested that you created your own site, putting a link to your world's main url.
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To create a world, their are literally an unlimited about of questions you could ask yourself.

2. Common Primary Questions

What kind of world do I want to create?

This can be anything from what species, or races you want in your world, or if it is based on fiction or fact, or ,perhaps, a mixture of both. the climate, government or leadership system, all the way to what the beings and other creatures eat and drink.

Once at least one question is answered you can begin the process to creating your own world. With this you can determine how the world will run and how the species interact with those actions.

Fiction or Fantasy?

Fiction stays within the realistic realm, or the scientific realm. Keeping to the natural laws of gravity, physics and reality. This, just as fantasy is as endless, the potential is truly outstanding in both fields of work.

Fantasy extends into many categories, from magic and dragons, to witches and warlocks. From pirates and mysterious sea creatures, to vampires and werewolves.

3. Potential SubGenres of Fictional Fantasy

This has many different possibilities, ranging anywhere from nomadic species, traveling the globe, to tales of vampires and werewolves in a modern setting. With each example their are an endless amount of possibilities aside from the manner I have suggested, thus each age within this description the author can extend the possibilities endlessly.

Prehistorical Fantasy

This would be the part of the a species past before the recording of history, and wide expansion of civilization. It is often considered anywhere from previllage society, to post villages, extending far into the births of civilizations.

Early Historical Fantasy

The aspect of a species evolution commonly considered the times spanning from the early civilizations and expansion on a wide scale, sprouting out into many subcivilizations and cultures.

Medieval Fantasy

The time periods often known as the first large jolt of productivity, when a species, or group of species utilizes the many materials and massively produces, weaponry, buildings, soldiers and other tools and objects needed for survival, including the first picks and axes.


After the buildings become more advantage and leadership system becomes more civilized a culture moves into this aspect of evolution. On earth this is often consider between the end of the middle ages and birth of modern society, some few hundred years ago.


Stage of where global communications become easier, and entertainment becomes mainstream, and there is an increase in all things, the base of a big surge in evolution.


This can extend into many categories, including a post apocalyptic world, to a world of spacecrafts, aliens, and fascinating organisms and machinery.

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