Untari (pronounced You-n tar-ee also known as Forest Elves) was the first known religious movement, founded by the Great leader, Tai-lonto(Wolf's Tooth). He was a great ruler of the Unta culture. Tai-lonto, son of Gera the Great, and Jeana the Priestess of the Moon. As he aged he knew he was different then the rest, he had an acute sense of time and being, unknown to the world, before him. He questioned many things and challenged the ways of the past. His mother nourished this gift, while his father rejected it. His father, Gera was taught to obey the laws of the land and of the Lord Divine, Ly'chan, great creator of this world, and cast his son into the forest, banishing forever from his home land of Rithal(Grounded Seed), deep in what is considered the Utai Province. Through his journeys to the east he soon gathered a small group of people under his new law, which he said was given to him by the creator himself, during his traditional journey. Known as the Great Trial of Flesh, inwhich a youth, who is born to be a shaman or priestess is send into the wilderness to survive on their own for 13 days, often asked not to eat or drink anything. This was an ancient method to ensure the journey went as best as possible, given more chances of them having visions at such a young age.

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The common timeline is based on the origins of this culture. During it's first century it grew into many subcultures, the core of this community was located in Unta, under the continuing law of Tai-lonto, who's children took over his reign, and treated the people with peace and respect, unlike any other civilization before it. They grew very slowly, but lived longer and bore more children then any before them. Within the end of the first millennium, another subculture grew out of them. Known as the Oraga, or Faith of Life. They soon extended out of the Untari tribes, differing on slight aspects of the original faith.

After this many cultures which were seperating from the core beliefs of the Unta, creating many different sidesects, came to exist, and conflicted with the Oraga, causing much chaos and destruction, forging the building blocks for war. Many on both sides were killed and villages were burnt and buried. The core Unta tribes disagreed with this and left their homes to travel to the distant world of the west, known now as Taroga, HolyGround. As time passed the Other cultures which called themself Untari became associated with the Oraga or a new forging movements, against the Oraga, calling themself Doriti, Faith of Death.

Soon after, the great worship of all god's as king and ruler of the culture, gave them new form under the minds of their users. The great lord known as Tarini to the Doriti, but called Zi-zon by the Oraga, manifested himself as a great beast, the size of a mammoth, yet stood on his hindlegs, which looks like goats legs, and a broad humanoid chest and bull shaped face and nose, yet a humanoid skull, with great horns extending out of his head. A curious and demonic Doriti, Iggral TI'h, a proclaimed great warlock(shaman), manifested the great Tarini into flesh, and proclaimed him High-King of the Doriti. He ruled for thousands of years, creating a race of beings who took his appearance in flesh, known as the Demon's. He then proclaimed himself Demon-king and save his new race rule over the Doriti, making them slaves under his law, forcing them to do hard labor and fight the great wars against the elven species.

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