Things To Do


Recorded Species

Sentients- This is the growing list of species on the planet, anything from elves to humans, minotaurs to vampyres. Aside from the common species any individual is allowed to create their own species. Also the list's lack some information which anyone can add to or edit.

Creatures- The growing list of creatures found in this world, elementals, dragons, gyphon's, lions and bears. Or anything your imagination can create. Open to editing and addition.

Gods and Deities- This is the list of culture god's, only add or edit this if your going to create a culture. If you have an individual god, their will be a section for that aswell.


Cultures- A few cultures have been created in this world, starting from the first. Untari. All cultures afterwards often have their own timeline, however the main timeline will be based on the Untari birth's, starting the global calender at 0. You are free to add cultures. In some cases you will also be free to add history to cultures, if the create allows it.

Species- This will be the list anyone can add to that specifies the estimated birth of the first creature from a certain species. the angels start the sentient species over seven-hundred thousand years before the ancient age.

Advancements and Events- This will be the growing list of technological or mental advancements aswell as events such as war's, new religions, movements or any other significant event.

Advertising and Help

This is the section for you to put any free material you know of, including your own artwork, websites or tutorials. You are free to put anything that is free, however pay things are not welcomed in that sections. Their will be a separate website for other resources.


Any species, culture, technology or event can be drawn. You are mostly free to create images of anything you see on the site, unless the owner of the page decides otherwise. However most species will be open, especially the ones that are not under copy right law, e.i anyone that you have heard of before.

Storytelling and Poetry

Any story, song or poem can be written about the events in this world, unless otherwise specified by the owner, in most cases the material will have an I in the url, which symbolizes the independence of the work. Which is some cases will be completely unrelated to this world.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License