Tai Lonto

Otherwise known as wolf's tooth, was given the title Grand Shaman(The Caretakers) at a very young age, younger then any before him. As a young boy, he was small, slim, yet wise and powerful. As he aged, he grew intensely, increasing his mental, physical and metaphysical abilities.

During his teen years he was sent on the great trial of flesh, an ancient custom in the elven tribes extending long into the unknown past of his ancestors. On this journey in the forest he meet a great wolf who proclaimed himself, Ly'chan, great creator of the heavens and air.

Tai traveled far into the unknown parts of the world with the wolf and found himself on a very ancient village, the first large city this elven youth has even seen. Within this city lived hundreds of Angels of myth and legends. He lived with them for many years learning their ways and customs and finally becoming the master of his own reality, being very prolific in metaphysical abilities.

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