Greetings Travellers

1. Basics

Welcome to a world that you help create, in any manner you enjoy. From drawings, to stories, to games, to amateur movies. This is our world to create, lets work together, using our imaginations and innovations to forge it. The initial few species will be created, and the basics of the world is done, as the members grow so to will the story. Their will be many ways to interact with this world, including a fully functional roleplaying chatroom, amongst many other things.

2. Basic Overview of the World

This is a world where the subconscious mind of it's inhabitants mentally project their imagination into reality. Depending on their strength of mind, through experience and wisdom, depends on the extent they can manipulate their reality. Due to this, not everything is possible for all beings. Though in certain circumstances groups of people can create very complex realities, with little individual imagination.
As an example, if a certain group of beings considered the sun a god, who lived high in the sky in the clouds, in a great golden temple, it would be created in reality.

As for individuals, it would have to be a powerful shaman, to forge a god through his mind, though at the time they would consider it summoning the god, or calling him, rather then forging him from their own mind. Yet most individuals due to the properties of this world would have rather extravagant abilities never the less.

3. Seed of Civilization

Many Thousands of years before societies forged, the elven species took root out of a very well nourished rain forest, allowing them great growth. Soon after they surged out in hunter and gatherer packs, scattering across the world, eventually creating tribes, then great cities. It was said at one time all beings at their own inner god, until the great cities forged, and the rules of faith and belief changed forever. Now some god's were worshiped over others, and the ego for self became realized by the main stream populace.

Many cultures and religions grow out of this, starting with the core faith, Untari, Faith of Birth. The only religion to tell the most accurate account of the past, and still value the wisdom of the ancient and power of the ancients. Other faiths grew as well, one known as Doriti, created by the dark elves of the black mountains, birth of brimstone and hellfire. They worshiped the darkness within, the anger and fear, and soon began to manifest the great god Tarini, Lord of Death and Destruction. The third race by record was Oraga, Faith of Life, worshipers of the great god Tiaro, Creator and Guide of the World(Cosmos).

Many conflicts ensued after these faiths became wildly known. The Untari however left and started a distant society far from the growing species, off to the unknown western lands of the world. As the Doriti and Oraga waged great wars against each other, destroying many ancient cities and ancient subcultures. They soon took over most of the world, the Doriti and their oppressive nature took a large fraction of the cultures and abused them under the name of Tarini Lord of Death, their proclaimed creator.

After a few centuries a great, and wise leader of the Doriti, Iggral TI'h, or in their speech, Great DemonBlood, summoned the God, Tarini, lord of death and destruction, into flesh. He stood over 8 feet, his skin dark red, and legs as a goat's legs. His face and nose was that of a bull, but scale was that of a humanoid. Tarini proclaimed himself supreme lord of the Doriiti and forged a new race within the halls of the Doriti, calling them Lao-Naic, otherwise known as DemonFlesh or simply Demon. Soon the Doriti were slaves under the law of Tarini and his Lao-Naici.

Within a few centuries all Doriti where under the law of Tarini and his demon kin where becoming high lords of the world, spreading their power well into the other cultures and soon causing the greatest war that has ever been seen, extending nearly a millenium. Paving way for the modern weapons of today, swords and bows.

At the end of that millennium a new species was born in the new lands of Untari, known as Alti, commonly known as human. After their boom they were banished by the great home, for disobeying the intial laws, very similar to the reaction the other elves got when they went against the ancient rules. Soon after the humans gained their own civilization and culture, reaching it's first great boom no more then a few millenniums later. Through out that time many hybrid races have forms and began to start to cultures and societies..

4. Where everyone comes in

This is only the basis for the beginning, any other culture could have been created since the elven species, and that is where we all come in. Now to begin with the cultures here are primitive, but all timeline's are open to anyone to create, though in some circumstances their will be different versions of the timeline's. In this case i simply suggest that alternate dimensions be allowed, and their will be a main timeline, which will inherently try to make a ultimate mix of all other dimensions, as to not offend anyone's creativity. Aside from this the world is wide open, to any culture, race, species or lifeform your imagination can create.

You may be thinking, this project is huge, i don't have the time to really commit myself to this project. That right there is the beauty of it, you can contribute as long and as much as you want. If you get inspiration for a story or event in this history and you wish to write it, feel free. If that's all you want to add that is completely alright, some will only want to role play in the main rooms which will soon be created.

A question about selling will be raised and the way it seems, is that anything you create within these guidelines you can sell, i would suggest that everyone who works in here be alright with others using their ideas. If you want to make your own alternate universe, or reality, and do not wish anyone to use the copyrights to it, state it on your wikipage designated to such a instance. Any other problems post in the forums about the information you seek to know, and i will be added to the list of faqs.

5. How do I become a member.

Currently their are two ways to become a member and add to this growing world. One is through this site, in the online roleplaying forums aswell as adding to this site. Another is through a well maintained service known as Deviant Art. In both cases you would have to make an account, accept for the forum, which anyone can post anonymously.

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