This is the growing list of species. Within this page their will be three categories of lists. The first will be the list of sentient species to exist on the planet. The second is the list of the creatures and beasts of the planet, and last but not least is the list of Gods and Deities of this world.

These lists can be added to by anyone, but please do not edit anything created, just add your own imagination to the already created imagination. If pages are not created yet you are free to make them in any manner you want aslong as they coexist in this world. You are free to write the prehistoric history of the species, the historical information or future events of that species.

Sentient Species

Sentient species is any species with "humanoid" intelligence, able to interact with the world on a similar manner(if not greater manner) they we can. The ones that are created are just guidelines, any species can exist on this planet. The key of this world is to make a world with as many sentient and nonsentient species as possible. Being a world that encompasses most of the scattered species through this universe.

Creatures and Beasts

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