Welcome to the unlimited selection of humanoid species. For now their will be a small list of the species used and unused. Either one can be made, but if a species is used you should view the cultures of this species as to not completely copy another. However you can make a subculture of the main culture.

Add your own species or another nontrademark species. You are also allowed to create your own subspecies, such as Dark Elf, Mountain Troll, or Forest Centaur. These can look like anything you want aslong as it fits the basic humanoid form they take. As an example Centaurs have the lower body of a horse, but with your imagination you can also create a Centaur with a horse face and humanoid upperbody, instead of just a humanoid body and face. Just because it is written, does not make it the only way.


Angel - A breed of humanoids known only by very few and speculated about by millions through out the millenniums.

Anubis- A humanoid with the head (sometimes the feet) of a jackel.




Centaurs- Medium sized humanoids, whose bottom is that of a horse and top is that of a man. They are often very skilled in archery and very able to run at speeds most humanoids find inhuman.

Cellestral- A tall humanoid species, with no hair, body or otherwise. Their eyes are pure white and they often live in dark mountains, far into the deeps of the earth.

Cyclops- Large humanoid with one eye means they have limited perception. Can be fooled easily with riddles or tricks.


Demon- also called the Lao-Naic or literally DemonFlesh, from the root of their creator, the Great God of death and destruction, Tarini, also called Lao-Rin, DemonKing or (DemonLord)

Dragonic- Medium to tall in height, these humanoids have dragon-like horns, wings and a tail. They're quick in both their feet and their minds. They are adept to magic and usually dislike man-made items.

Dwarf- They are small humanoids, standing anywhere from 3 feet to 4 feet and where in the are of 200 pounds. They are born to be warriors and wield weapons twice their size and weight. They are bulky and stocky, yet even with their slow maneuvers they often get the upper hand in combat due to their fierce and almost frightening nature.


Elf- Medium sized humanoids, standing roughly 5 to 6 feet, and weigh no more then 200 pounds and no less then 100. They are quick and nibble on their feet and determined in battle, given them great advantages against other races, such as the demon-kin.


Fae- These are commonly called Fairies. They often have butterfly like wings on their back and a very smooth and well formed face, often considered some of the most beautiful creatures on this planet, aside from the common high elves. They are usually very calm and collected and not the type of creatures to openly seek vengeance or war.

Felinefolk- These are creatures who are half of a sentient species and half feline. They range in height and weight, to the extent that they can be any size due to their sentient half. They are creatures, but those who do keep them relatively secret. They usually dwell in forest areas, making it very easy from them to keep their selves hidden.


Gargoyle- These are small humanoids, often very slim in build, weighing no more then 130 pounds. Their height ranges from 2 feet to 4 feet. They have great wings on their back and often big red eyes. The tails that extend out of their back holds a sharp point at the end, embedded with the poison that exists within their blood, poisonous only to other species.

Genie - A summoned creature that will grant wishes.

Giant- Large humanoids ranging anywhere from 10 feet to 20 feet, weighing anywhere from 350 pounds to 600 pounds. They often dwell in large mountains and hide themselves from the majority of societies, only very few cultures known about them, including the most common to know them, the forest or mountain elves.

Gnome- Small humanoids, ranging from 2 feet to 3 in a half feet. They often have big round noses and long ears, similar to elves, yet slightly more condensed then elven ears. They are very skilled in mechanism and other forms of technology.

Gnoll- Medium sized humanoids, with a hyena face. They are often very strong, fierce and deadly, pillages and killing without warning or care.

Goblin- Small humanoids, with large noses and bad posture. They often are hairless and very slim in build. They are similar to that of the orcs, yet much smaller and with large noses.


Halflings-A small humanoid, nearly resembling a human in every aspect except for size. They have large feet for their size, and are often rather hairy.

Harpy - An unpleasant creature with the face and upper body of a hag. A harpy also has wings for arms and the bottom of a bird. (usually of a crow)

HobGoblin- A larger form of goblin, considered to be more vicious, deadly and evil then their smaller kin.

Human- They are medium sized humanoids, ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet. Often housing themselves in large communities, very few cultures are nomads, yet some human nomadic cultures exist throughout most of this planets history.




Kobald- Small elf-like creature that is generally mischevious and troublesome.


LizardFolk- These are creatures with humanoid form, with lizard scale and face. They also have long tails, and claw-like hands.


Merfolk- We often call there mermaids or mermen. These creatures have humanoid upper bodies and fish scales for their lower body. They only live in the sea, and are rarely seen by earthdwellers

Minotaur - A tall, bulky creature that has the face and legs of a bull.

Mutant- Can range from any size, and be part of any species. This is a species with a unique mutation, giving them an attribute uncommon to their initial species.


Naga - A humanoid with the bottom half as a snake.


Ogre- Large humanoid with limited intelligence although it is possible for them to learn magic. Usually either green or brown.






Satyr - A Satyr has the upper body of a human but the bottom of a goat. Satyr also have goat horns and a little beard.

Sphinx - A creature with a lions body and the face of a human. A Sphinx can be tamed to very sufficiently guard anything as the Sphinx will kill anyone that can not answer its riddle correctly.

Spiran- A flying humanoid with brilliant feathers that can be any colour. Instead of arms Spirians have wings and also can have one or more tails.



Trolls- These are often large humanoids, with long ears(longer then elf ears) and long pointed noses. They often have scruffy hair and live in nomadic societies.

Treefolk - An animated tree that has free-will.



Vampiric Species-This is any species that has been influence by the gene know as vampyric. This gives the individual a powerful thrist for blood, being it's own source of energy, aswell as a heightened sense of abilities, naturally, without training. However with training those heightened senses can increase greatly.

Vieri - Medium to tall humanoids with rabbit like features. (ex. ears, feet, tail) Very in tune with nature and magic although they prefer to use a bow.


Were Species- Similar to that of the vampyre, yet with the gene known as lycantropy, that of which forms one species into another, through a form of gene connection. Often created by rapid creatures, such as wolfs, bears, or snakes. Vampyres can also be considered a were species, yet is often categorized separately.

Wight- These are undead creatures, who's spirit is still in the body, far after it's death. They wonder the world, destroying many creatures with pleasure, feeding on their flesh. Similar to a Zombie, but with far more intelligence, due to fact that zombies are just vessels, triggered to move and feed by it's subconscious action.

Wraith- These are spectors, or spirits roaming the living realm, often with something holding them to this plane, either their own desire or something within their past. However some wraiths are sentences to obey a certain warlock or ruler, and can be a very deadly, almost invulnerable enemy.



Yukionna- A type of ghost that attempts to suduce weak-minded people to come close to her so she can eat their heart (or their soul). Looks like an innocent woman although her eyes are red and hands sometimes have blood on them.



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