Chapter VIII: Creating the Philosophies and Beliefs

Their are many forms of religion and philosophy, which all revolve around five major elements, in the concept of belief in a deity or disbelief.


The belief in one or more god's. Depending on the amount of god's depends on the classification of theism, Either Monotheism or Polytheism.

Monotheism is the belief that only one god exists, and created all things within it's great power.

Polytheism is the belief that multiple god's exist, anywhere from two gods, to an endless amount.


Pantheism is however separate from The other theisms, for it conceives god as everything and everything as god. In essence it can either be supernatural, or extremely natural, with no uncommon/visual abilities of perception.


This is the belief system that god exists and created the world, yet does not have any influence on the natural world, within this belief all religious understanding can be found by comprehension and awareness of reality around us.


Agnostics do not belief in a god, nor disbelief in a god, they strongly stick by the understanding that it is unknowable, or not important. And based their actions, thoughts and behaviors on this understanding. Often giving them a great acceptance for others beliefs, opinions and understandings, valuing it greatly and adding it to their already expanding knowledge.


Atheist strongly believe no god exists, nor ever has, and that all things created within this realm is completely natural, and came to exist without the aid of any "supernatural" abilities or beings.

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