Middle Contient

Through out the ages the civilizations on the planet change. Due to this their will be different catergories for the different Lands. By default the category will be based on the first given name of the culture. Within the category will be the name and date of the modern names.

Table of Contents

Ancient Age

Anytime from prehistory to 6,000th year, is considered the ancient age.


Utai- Birth ground of most sentient species on this planet. Commonly known as the home of the Forest Elves, or Untari.

Desira- The first known culture of the high elves, commonly called Oraga, in those days. Conceived no more then three thousands years after the Utari nation's rise.

Veniswal- They are commonly referred to as Dark Elves, given the name Doriti, in the ancient days, long before the reign of the Dark DemonKing, Tarini, the God of Death incarnate.

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