Chapter V: Potential Materials

Materials are anything from the wood or stone used to build shelter, tools, weapons. Anything used to create, manufacture or utilize something else is considered a material. Including the stars, planets, human beings and other animals.

List of Potential materials used to build things

Wood: Wood is the material gathered from trees, stripped or reformed to create a desired object. Anything from the base of a spear or arrow, to the construction of a house. Including anything from a log to a twig.

Metals: Their are many types of metals known, and many more potential forms of metal. Copper, Gold, Brass, Silver, Iron, Stone, Steel, Aluminum and many more are just examples of potential metals. Creating materials can be very complex or simple, depending on the extent you want to explain them.

Cloth: This is the material used to make clothing, decorations of a cloth nature. Potential materials which make cloth are silk, cotton and wool. However their are many more, and nearly an endless list of things which can be made.

List of Potential Objects

Shelter: This can be anything from a few twigs to broke someone from the rain, to large castle or temple, dedicated to a king or a god. These were commonly begun by tribal societies and grew into very complex structures during the latter parts of that species initial, mainstream, enlightenment. This can also include any aspect of a house, including the doors, windows, or anything else which can protect an individual from the weather.

Weapons: Starting with sticks as clubs, and stones are projectile weaponry, and small knifes. This form of structure grow into many objects, swords, shields, bows, arrows, axes, hammers, guns, nuclear devices, or any other kind of damaging tool.

Mobile Structures: Starting with something as simple as the wheel, these forms of structures, have become such things as, carriages, wheelbarrows, canoes/boats, large ships, cars, planes to name a few.

Communication Devices: This can be anything used to communicate. Including, but not limited to, Notes/paper, telephones, computers, or any other potential device for communication. This can also including the devices that allow communication, such as pens, pencils, keyboards, buttons, or anything else used to allow interaction. Commonly considered to be a stone against another stone in the early days of civilization.

For a more detailed explanation on materials and uses for materials, browse these pages on wikipedia, Materials.

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