Luzos are humans who have freed their heart of dark feelings, and by the same fact split their soul in two. Most of them can no longer feel any emotion, and must rely on their Umbros to describe to them what they should be feeling.

The Umbro and the Luzo are tied, which means whatever happens to the Umbro also happens to the Luzo, and vice versa. If they get too far away from each other, they will start weakening, if they keep getting further away, they will both die. Therefore, it's impossible to see an Umbro without a Luzo, and vice versa.

The ritual to free an Umbro consists in drawing seven runes on the ground. Six in a circle of about 30 meters in radius, and one in the center of the circle. The distance at which the runes are from the center will determine how far the human and Umbro will be able to go from each other once it will be freed. The runes must be marked with specific things. One of chalk, one of ink, one of soil, one carved into the ground, one of charcoal, one of ashes, and one of the human's own blood, the one in the center. Each rune must be linked to every other with blood. The human who wants to proceed to the exfiltration of its Umbro must stand on the blood rune in the center, with several bone necklaces around its neck, one silver bracelet around each wrist, and a large black circle painted on the chest. The human must recite the formula, and the Umbro will come out from the black circle on the human's chest. After it is done, the necklaces and bracelets as well as the runes will be lost.

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