The Ancient Legends


Welcome to the first document's of this wonderful world. Dedicated to a time of peace and tranquility, long before the dark times of the present took root. When all knew only one great truth, they needed only to believe in their mind and action, and the path will be given to them. Love and light were all around, suffering was minimual, and gave lesson's always, rather then fragments of pain and anger. Wisdom was given by the inner mind and thoughts were pleasant and not based on ego.
One year, long before recording of society, their stood a child named Tai-Lonto, a great and prospering young child. He was given the ability to take his trial at a very young age, younger then any before him. As the son of a shaman he was given the task known as the Great Trial of Flesh. An ancient tradition based down for many generations. The great trial of flesh is a test that sends a being into the wild to survive for fifteen days with no food or water.
Many elders of the village discouraged this, declaring he was too young to survive such a dangerous task. Many going so far to say it could be risky, damaging to the growing society. Tai's Father, Gera'ta Lonto, Rose against the elders, being the great chief of the village he given full allowance to his son's request. Sending him off unto his request.

Chapter I: Trials of the Flesh

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