Inner Pain The Rage Of Ancient Blood

Inner Pain, The Rage of Ancientblood

Twenty thirty, approximately sixteen thousand and five hundred years, after the ancient age, the dawning of civilization…

"Sir, the enemy is drawing near, orders?" The lieutenant spoke briskly, giving an quick bow in respect to his superior. He was dressed in a golden chest plate and shoulder guards. A gray cape extended down his back, and a vase shaped helmet tucked into his side, wrapped around his left arm.

The captain paused, looking towards the ground in disgust. "Send the troops immediately." The chilling voice of the commander pierced the lieutenants ears alerting him to move without hesitation.

"Attack!" H'rath Em, lieutenant, Grand Knight, spoke in fury as the troops gripped their weapons rushing through the woods straight into the incoming army. The ranks of each side where large, each ranging into the thousands, male and female alike, fighters, and wizards, druids and warlocks, slaves and masters, clerics and necromancers.

With the wizard's there came many elementals and gods, the necromancer's summoning the undead and ancient tortured souls. Within a milsecond of contact, blood began to spill rapidly, blades rushing through flesh, arrows bursting straight through limbs, and spells bursting, burning, dementing and obliterating entire beings.

Within the tenth minute of combat, allec rose from his meditation and dashed straight forward, faster then a panther pouncing at it's pray. Leaping high into the air his blade aimed towards the sun, he began to freefall into the crowd of warriors.

With a thunderous sweep he decapitated a series of soldiers in his immediate area. Perfectly, he landed on one knee examining his dropping opponent's, head's fell first, followed by the body, slowly losing it's connectivity. A smirk grew under his face, covered by his long black hair. Attached to his chest was a light plate of armor, perfectly designed to fit his chest and allow flexible movement. Underneath was a long draping robe, the sleeves reaching to the edge of his bicep. Below that he wore a light white garment, with tightly wrapped forearm guard, plated in the finest metal, known as Allierium. coloured in a silver-ish gold, and embedded with a red encrusted jewel glimmering in the sunlight. With a calm grace the deadly warrior stood, his eyes pitch black completely engulfing his pupils in dark energy, glowing in a gray midst, which rose up his skull.

The group of enemies stood in awe for a moment before rushing towards the dark knight in a blur of rage and desperation. A blade waved by him guided by a warrior dressed in wooden armor, it was a young orc, no more then 16 years of age. It took two swift movements to remove this enemy. One to push his blade away and another to slash at his neck, which forced his body to perpell downwards sliding briskly off the blade's sharp edge. A quick scream echoed from the youth's mouth, pierced by fear and disbelief.

No more then a second later two large Minotaur's came rushing towards him, great axe's in hand, forcing their gigantic weight and strength onto Allec's blade. With both hand's the large human, pushed his blade horizontally towards the oncoming attack's engaging in a deadly contest of strength and stamina. As this was happening an adult imp came jolting out of a mass of soldier's jabbing it's short sword deep into the side of the dark knight, forcing him down onto his knee's. Still with great mental strength and will to survive and become victorious his blade held the Minotaur's back, as the imp pulled his blade out in anticipation of another strike. With a bold use of lower body strength the dark knight pushed upward, sending the Minotaur's jolting back a few steps. Within the same swing of the blade, he turned to his left side, aiming a deadly diagonal slash towards the unexpecting imp, slicing his right shoulder clean off. The blade dropped out of his left hand as he gripped his blooded upper side.

Momentarily Allec left the now helpless imp to his misaree, not allowing the Minotaur's more then a second to rush towards him. He move at the perfect second defending himself from an incoming impaling strike from the larger minotaur on the left. His hair was gray, and attire made from a white wolf's fur, signifying his rank as an elder warrior, fierce and deadly. His axe was carved in a rare metal, found only in the deepest of Mount Hariti. Yartairan, a reddish cystallike metallic ore, forged into a great double bladed axe, nearly the same size of the minotaur, who stood eight feet from the ground.

In the midst of the surrounding war, a young prospering warrior, a nobal student of Allec's came rushing towards them with his twin blades spinning in his palm's. He came straight towards the open minotaur swinging his blades in a "x" shape aiming straight towards the chest of the seven foot six inched minotaur. Who's black hair sprouted out of top of his head, extending like waves down his neck. A great beard hung on his chin decorated with a single rectangular shaped cloth, tightly condensing the hair inward. He wore a wooden chest plate and deer skinned clothes.

Allec's prized student, Darian Areth, nicknamed KnightsWind, cut the axe in half, forcing the Minotaur's blade to skim off the knight's shoulder before falling on the ground behind him. Unprotected the blades rushed out straight through the enemies chest, slashing his heart into two uneven pieces. To end the strike the knight bowed calmly falling to one knee as his blades pointed out behind him, his head tipping forward.

Within that timespan Allec had pushed the elder minotaur away performing to quick strikes to the stomach and leg's of the minotaur, separating flesh with the ease of momentum. The three pieces of the elder fell forcing a near by minotaur to burst out in a rage. By random change it was the elder's son, who dashed towards Allec the Bold in a blind fiery.

The weary imp who knelt a few feet from allec was weeping in pain. Blood surrounded his shivering body as Darian elegantly stepped towards him unleashing a quick deadly strike without interrupting his movement towards a nearby demon, Yetali Onleen, a deadly warriormage, standing proud in full plated black arm, decorated by the demon horns of his dead ancestor's. A long black cape hung on his back.

The demon species, commonly found in the southern area's of the planet are given red skin and large horn's also born with long tail's. They are large in build and weigh large amounts compared to medium sized species, such as humans and elves. Dangerous and demonic they stand roughly eight feet in height and commonly wield large bladed weapons. Which length's range from six to nine feet, with common black or gray metal's.

This particular Demon, Yetail, is a great leader of many nation's of demon's, guiding them through the great war's of apocalyptic doom. The prophetic tale of this great war first uttered in the ancient day's of The Great Shaman, Wolf's Tooth. Found of the first known civilization.

too be continued..

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