Fallen, Tales Of The Dark Knights

The year is twenty twelve, the length of time since the respected birth of the Altarian Domain. Home to a ferocious human civilization. Slavery is common place, allowing for the great building and mass production of weaponry and employment of infantry. Sending the weak and cowardice into war.

It was once spoken by a great elder, that times never change, only evolve from the basic's of need and desire. Little who heard such words understood the great impact of what was meant. Until a young child, a peasant boy, from Heiram Village , far to the east of the native land of Altarian, listened to the wise shaman speak.

As a child the wisdom meant nothing, seeming merely as ramblings of an old drunk. Once this child grew to a teenager he was summoned to became a great knight of the Altarian Nation, serving under the High Lord, Ariam Nailen, 24th king.

The Nailen family tree is known for it's cruelty and misjudgment. They feed on war and monetary power. Sending this young peasant into extreme conflicts and quest's in search of death and destruction. His name, was Allec Tri'ul, 16th son of the tri'ul bloodline.

With unusually powerful strength and speed Allec was granted great leadership, becoming the youngest captain of the Dark Knights. Known also as the Royal Knights of Alterian. They were widely accepted for their prowess in battle and ruthless rage

Knights of Olde
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