Trials of the Flesh

Part I: Origins of self discovery

Legends of Olde

The great rivers separated into cross roads ever since the dawn of elvenkind. It was once said that the guardians of the elven people, the Anji of the ancient times, forced the great mountain below the river to rise above the surface. "This is new land live in peace good creatures." they spoke in a delightful joy that rose the very hairs of your neck, completely mesmerizing you in bliss.

It was also said, on that day, many elven tribes moved across the river on the wooden snakes built by the Anji, which gave birth to many new tribes. Such as the Otarian , Alsyian and Ellean. My father, Larian Lonto highshaman of the Shi'shan nations sacred caretakers of the Ellean people, said to be the very inhabitants who first settled on this island, met Sy'syan my mother in the wilderness during his trials, they concieved me a few months later and taught me to learn.

Curiosity Shines Bright

They did not understand the gift they given me. My culture, they act in ignorant bliss with nature, not questioning or evaluating the world around us, merely acting with it as it comes. Lately many wars have broken out and nations fighting other nations, the birth of this war is long forgotten, yet my tribes'folk fight the hordes of the elves from the eastern mountain, proclaimed to be barbarians, as they rush on our small villages, slaying our woman, children and men alike.

We have been taught to just live and cut our losses and continue on, only the strong survive. I cannot resist to ask myself, how is this strength? Killing the very blood in our veins..

The wind is calm and smooth on this fine day, nearly 3 days since i left my village. I have lost my appetite, no longer desire a drink. I merely sit on a stone, watching the clouds flow by, the birds and the mammals calmly roaming the forest beds. In silence, i have come to learn, their is great peace. The soft soothing feeling of nature washes the distraction of requirement away opening my mind to a sensation of real bliss and rectification of the past.

I realize now the true harm of violence and pain. We cannot see how it binds us to it and controls us, even if we try by our actions to remove it. "When the whistling sound of a teary eyed youth howls in the moonlight doom will fall on the world beyond. " Once coined by a great philosopher of sorts, an elder shaman. Most considered him a lunatic, however his words spoke true to me. I guess he influenced me greatly in the path i follow now…

My body is beginning to feel numb and my interior mind buzzing with a constant hum. Time seems meaningless now and action almost inconsequential. It takes mere seconds for my body shake uncontrollably, bringing me onto my knees, soaring off the rock, once underneath me. I felt the cold blades of grass ease onto my flesh as my knees impaled the soil. Suddenly I stopped moving while taking deep breaths, trying to compose myself.

I felt a soft drip of rain splatter on my shoulder slowly running down my back in random directions, followed by another within seconds. Before i could blink my eyes the surface was covered in rain, my ears echoing with the constant clatter of rain falling on grass. The sweet breeze rushed through my mind as wind rapidly flew in every direction appearing to aim straight towards me.

Wisdom's Guidance

Instantly my body seemed to rise off the ground. To my shock and amazement i was looking down at my body. Blindsighted by this, i rose my hands instinctly to cover my eyes, quickly realizing i was still in my body or what would appear to be. I stood in awe for a few moments before i started to move my limbs, continuing to levitate a few feet off the ground. It felt at that moment that gravity had no boundaries over me, taking advantage of this I let my inner thoughts go, the years of seeing birds fly through the air, wisping through clouds and diving into forests. The temptation grew intensely as reality reacted to my thoughts and inner desires. I was soon zolting high above the forest tips, the wind powerfully rushing against my body as the clouds began to ripple smoothly below me. I came to a halt above those great clouds of dreams and inspirations.

The sun was magnificent, shining in a brilliant light capturing the tips of the clouds as if by magic. Perfectly blending colors in a harmonic bliss. Then a timeless truth entered my youthful ears. "I must allow myself the peace within to accept what i cannot change. Have courage and strength to change what i can and with that i gain the wisdom and knowledge to know the difference." That thought exploded in my mind, illuminating ever vein, nerve and thought pattern of past, present and perhaps even future, if not potential future. My body began to glow in a large white hue extending far beyond my form, enlightening the clouds below me.

An echo of energy vibrated against my back as a great eagle leap out of the clouds and up above me. It's eye quickly tinkled in mine and i knew for some reason, it wanted me to follow it. With a great smile on my face I dove into the clouds once more, keeping a firm distance from the eagle yet maintaining his path setting it mentally as my own. It appeared as if i could see where he was going before he moved there. I felt in true bliss with nature, far beyond what i ever have before.

As I moved i could feel the energy of plants and other forms of nature. The very strength of the wise old bird was guiding me as i calmly followed behind. I began to mentally rush through a flurry of visions, anything from insects to nations and old ancient species, great beasts and demons of the ancient worlds to lectures on wisdom and the power given by cultures through out the history of this world. Knowledge rushed through my mind distracting me instantly as i lost control of my path and dove straight into a large nest of trees.

I held my hands up in defense, fearing the great pain of the impact. I flew straight through the trees without a scratch. I hardly could believe such a thing. Yet as disoriented as it made me i leap back into the sky in pursuit of the great eagle.

The great birds shadow hung over the trees with a bold stance, sending nearby animals to flee in a flash. It seemed the interaction the eagle had was on reality as well as this mystical realm. It instantly swooped down into a soft meadow headed by a great waterfall surrounded by a pure blue lake, clear as the sky, you could see the fish below searching and navigating their way through the water with a curious intelligence.

The eagle stood inches from the wave covered shore, waiting for me to stand beside it. As i stood looking upon the water the great eagle looked to me and i looked to it. I could see in it's eyes it was very wise and great, living for thousands of years. "Where do you bring me wise one?"

It has been said many shaman speak to the great beasts of the world. I had no clue if i had the ability, but i was curious enough to try. To my surprise it could speak my language very well. It did not move it's mouth to speak however it merely transferred it's thoughts to my own.

"I am taking you where you're asking to go. Granting you the wisdom in which you seek. You are ready young one." With that short explanation he dove underneath the lake, i could see his body slowly disappearing in the abyss below. Timid i looked at the lake in shock. Could i possibly live through that?" Within seconds i stopped questioning and dove in behind him slowly swerving around the fish below.

A large fish swimming towards me in a rush, currents of water rushing off it's fins and skin. It's large mouth expanded as it's teeth searching for my flesh. Instinctively i rose my hands up once more, yet this time a large field of inner energy grew around me, holding the ancient beasts jaw tight. It began to force it's head to either side in an intensely enraged anger, sending the energy sphere jolting back and forth.

Puzzled , i sheltered my body in my arm's, terrified, as time began to slow down around me. The need for survival rose intensely inside of me as the energy around me flew outwards, forcing the great beast's jaw away from me. Luckily it gave me enough time to swim away, once again catching up with the eagle.

Origins of Birth

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