Caretakers Book Of Origins

Dark Age

Long Before the rise of nations their was one great force that gave life. Within that force was a great imagination and intelligence, guiding the world around us. Soon the great power allow the birth of the first known sentient species, known as the Anji, or Holy Angels. They were born with the gift of a deity within. A deity is the inner god of the being. They learned and lived by their deities and did not question their ways. With this they were given the understanding of peace and tranquility. What we may call ignorant bliss.

This connection with their inner god gave them great abilities in nature and one day after the species as gathered into scattered tribes a young Holy Angel, Olari was renewed and began to understand the world around him and began to question his inner god, Ly'chan. This questioning pleased his god and with that Ly'chan granted Olari a great gift, they, Olari, the young shaman, and Ly'chan, Lord of Creation were to be combined and became one.

In the forest that eve the whole ground was lit by the power of the union between the two individual beings. The great light gave Olari all the knowledge of the world and creation and time and reality. He soon understood all things and knew his purpose.

As he returned to his village the following day from his trials of the flesh, he was gave his people the knowledge, they excepted it and all became one with their inner gods. They then became known to multiple civilizations to come as the Original Gods.

Soon it seemed other forces were at work and a new sentient species came to exist known as the Celles. They were ruthless, barbaric savages and soon raided and destoryed the Holy Ones land. They Holy Ones would not fight back they only loved things adn allowed theirself to be slaughtered for this was the will of life. Soon only few survived, most who did however moved far to the western areas of the planet, far from the Cellesian Nation. While the others turned to the ways of the Celles and became known as the Sage.

As other cultures started to form all over the world, other nations becames intelligent and wise. The Celles and Sage reigned populated the multiple species of the world and soon became rulers of all bloods and creeds.

One fateful day The High rulers of the Sage destroyed the Celles nation and became soul owner of the world, under the rule of the Immortal Lord, Anar'ac. He soon took monopoly over the world enslaving the multiple species under his great iron fist.

As the elven, human, dwarven and other cultures became to become enlightened they started to fight back and demand freedom through violence. A great rebellion was formed and wars raged on for thousands of years as more species became intelligent and started to join the struggle. Soon the numbers of the rebels grew far above that of the Sages and destoryed most of them, sending the rest hiding under the dark worlds. Where the first birth of demons came to exist.

As the rebels became free the first golden age began, as philosophy, wisdom and knowledge were scattered through existence, war became a think of the past. Until many other nations such as the Drow, Orc, Goblin and Orge tribes began to forge out of the mysts of the marshlands. Soon they began to infiltrate the world and savagely destroy the world around them, as the Sage once did before them. However now the other races have great kingdoms and villages, and their numbers are large. Soon they Organized Nations of the FreeBlood(The union of peaceful nations) decided to created armed forces to defend theirself against their enemies and once again returned to the realm of war and destruction.

Age of Chaos

After thousands of years the growing nations of demons and Sage unground began to return to the surface, gathering the scattered nations of darkenedblood(the nations of savages, barbarians and warmongers) and soon waged a great war against the FreeBlood. A new Immortal Lord came to exist, a direct seeds of Anar'ac, known as Anon. Under his dark rule he enslaved the nations once more, giving great gift to the BloodGod in the form of death, destruction, disease and control, fear and demonic lust.

After thousands of years under the rule of Anon, the once FreeBlooded nations began to fight back once more, now with great swords and from the shelter of their own nations. The Rebellion has returned and the war has begun, fight for freedom or fight for domination the choice is yours. Welcome to Terac'Nor, the home of many species.

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