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This is the section for God's and Deities.

Deities will be personalized god's, with this any individual character can have up to three gods within. This is based on the right and left sides of the brain aswell as the subconscious aspect to the brain. The right and left can play roles of good and evil. And the subconscious would often be considered the balance between the two, though the individual is open to interpret that in their own ways.

Gods will be created by entire cultures and not individuals. When a writer creates a culture they are free to make any amount of god's for any essence or object within creation. Within this both deities and god's are able to be manifested in humanoid or some other sentient form, animals, beasts or any other form of mental imagination. This is were imagination completely becomes reality.

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Ancient Age


Untari was the first culture to be recorded in this world. They were commonly considered wood or forest elves. They were founded by the great leader Wolf's Tooth, or in their native tongue, Tai'Lonto.

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Oraga was the second culture to exist and come to be recorded, estimated to have started 1,560 years after the Untari tribe. Founded by the great shaman Olian Ori. The Oraga were known as the first High Elves, due to their dwellings existing in high plain lanes , and their skin being light in tone.

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The Doriti came to exist in the over 3,000 years after the Untari and were black in skin and had pure white hair, they were known also know as Dark Elves. The founder of this civilization is not known. They dwell in the marshlands of Veniswal.

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