Ancient Age

Period I approx. 10 billion years ago

  • A massive explosion of elements takes place and expands eternally through the Known Universe. Many dimensions are forged during this time. Some Dimensions held the different periods of time the universe would go through, while others took over the different events and variations to realities. Beyond these their were Four Layers that exist "apart" from all realms yet are the carriers of all realms, simultaneously. One where the souls of all are born, another where reality takes place, another for the resurrection and regeneration of souls and the final for the Highest of all Realms, that of Divinity and Infinity where few creatures reach.

Period II approx. 5 billion years ago

  • The formation of the solar system and the worlds sun.
  • The gravitational pull of the sun pushed the worlds core into it's orbit and begins growing an external atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere grows and divides into multiple levels. The Earth's surface expands, breaking the foundation of the world allowing flames to pour out into the atmosphere.
  • The Flames begin to cool forming lakes, seas and rivers. The rain adds grass through time ontop of the surface which soon adapts into vegetation and the domination of trees.
  • Unseen lifeforms begin to grow in the depths of the oceans and seas as a result of the constant drowning of the ever-growing surface.

Period III approx. 600 million years ago

  • The lifeforms grow into the fish and other creatures of the sea, eternally bound to survival.
  • The Creatures of the Sea make their way up to the surface world after evolving legs to walk. These creatures are similar to insects and reptiles.
  • Medium sized reptiles and birds start evolving and take dominion over all other creatures of the surface.
  • Larger reptiles begin to mass throughout the world and viciously enhance the rules of survival and unleash endless destruction throughout the world. (They were of likeness to dinosaurs of earths history). During the first years of their reign they were purely carnivorous.
  • Omnivores and Herbivores stem from these creatures adding a slightly more peaceful existence to the world.
  • The world is constantly bombarded by great disasters which bring death to many carnivores and omnivores.

Period IV approx. 250 million years ago

  • Dragons are born and manage to survive a meteor shower which destroy the mass numbers of Large Reptiles, which were soon all extinct, all put the Dragons whom are all that are left of the Old Creatures, not to mention the only Ancient Sentient life.
  • The small mammals take dominion over the world once more guarded and protected by the Dragons of Old.
  • The Dragons separate and some take on the powers of evil causing the Eternal Dragon Wars which reigned long into the Third Age of Dragon Years.
  • One of the peaceful Dragon groups were led by Al'dran, He was the leader of the Immortal Dragons. Legends say he is the very existence of the World. If he were to die so to would the entire world.
  • Some of the Deceased Immortal Dragons return to this world from the final realm and enter into trees and give a new life to their once motionless existence. They are known as the Ancient Forestkeepers or Treefolk.
  • All but one of the Immortal Dragons die out, Al'dran being the last is later known as the Holy Protector. Most other dragons become completely immersed in darkness, some of which are said to have lost their sentience, however Al'dran and other of his latter kin claim them to be those of the speechless tribes.
  • Al'dran and his legion remove many of the Darker minded dragons forcing the remaining ones into deep hiding, where they linger in secret for millions of years to come.*

Period V approx. 1.2 million years ago

  • The First Angerian's (Holy Ones) are discovered by the Dragons of Al'dran's kin yet are kept in their primative mind sets and are hidden from the true natural of the world, what the Dragons deemed as The Ancient Slumber or Those who are unawoken. They grew immensely and kept a very unusual peace with the world.
  • Ithan, a curious Angerian, seeks knowledge of Al'dran and brings some of his people to a new nation where they learn of the Magical Nature of the world. The insightful and wise Dragon, Al'dran, gave the Angerianfolk Immortality for their goodwill towards life.
  • Some of the 'wild' Holy Ones seperate into the race known as the Angelwings, whom the Dragons had no interest in, yet the Holy Ones of Ithan were very interested in them, yet they were forbidden, by the dragon's, to teach them.
  • A young angel by the name of oolani seeks the Grater power of the Dragons, that which is dark and forbidden to the Holy Ones. He assualts Al'dran after being denied this gift and slet ooalni, whose spirit lived eternally.
  • The wars of the Higher Realm takes places.
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