Golden Age

After the birth of the first elven culture, Untari(Forest Elves), The planet went into it's first true golden age, and all the scattered tribes of other species began to come together and create communities.

The Golden age was begun by the awakening of Tai Lon-to founder of the first nation of elfs and first recorded and organized civilization.

  • 35
    • The Presumed birthdate of the Untari tribe founding the first city known as Utai. And day the elven civilization was enlightened. It is here when the first God's were conceived and considered more powerful then the elven people themself. This new religion and way of life soon spread throughout the elven tribes.
  • 346
    • The Untari tribes seperate into the Jiti, Olan, Grotan and Renthal, yet they all remain in the forest.
  • 560
    • The Jiti tribe travel far from the forest in the grasslands now known as Desira, yet was once known as Olari.
  • 650
    • The Olan and Grotan tribes begin to disagree with each other forging a small war. Hundreds die on both sides and the grotan travel far to the south after their lose at the hands of the Olani people.
  • 760
    • Finally the Grotan Settle in the dark marshlands of Veniswal and begin a new form of society.
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