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I would have to tend to agree with you on that one my friend. It seems that all actions, individuals and perhaps even humanity follows three core stages of evolution, ignorance, suffering and acceptance.

It was said not to long ago that human's acted with nature, similar to how most animals(aside from us) do. Considering this their seems to be some sort of ignorant bliss in nature. As we became aware of self we started to value ourself and individual things more intensely. Due to leaving nature behind we began to feel alone which resulted in war, chaos and disease as we see today and have heard and see(past humans) it through out the last few millenniums.

Many individuals to that time have claimed the ability to remain clearly in a peaceful state of mind and many still claim such a thing. It seems that cultures and individuals have their own level of awakening and acceptance of life, the more we evolve the more individuals have greater levels of understanding and acceptance of life. It seems the final stage is pure acceptance and bliss with nature.

Ignorant bliss is fine, but bliss with awareness is far more interesting. Peace to you all.

Is the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012 really the date of the end of the world or is it just that the human race is in need of an epidemic and chaos to reduce our out of control population and to save our species in the evolutionary chain rather then getting weaker, ruining our environment and end up dying off, going extinct? What are your thoughts on the subject?

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