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Welcome to the culture page. This will be the list of cultures according to their first civilization's appearance. Each species has many races within. In most fantasy stories, they call species, races, however to be more specific it is a separate species, and the variations of the species would be considered races. Such as we are the human species, and African's are a race within the species.

The categories will be separated by timeperiod, they are only guidelines and can be change easily. Yet only the first five can be changed(except for ancient age), after a new member changes on of the five first categories, it stays as such permanently. To create your own names for the timelines, by your culture, make a separate timeline page based on your culture's growth.

The Five Original Timelines

Age of the Ancients
Age of Civilization
Age of Chaos
Age of Enlightenment
Age of Science
Age of Space Exploration


This is for any culture that came to exist before the global timeline began, which is any time after the first elven culture, the Untari. Whom created the first recorded civilization, founded by the Great leader WolfTooth(Tai-lonto).

No cultures for this period is available at this time.

Age of the Ancients

This is the timeperiod from the Untari culture too the 10th millennium(10,000 years afterwards)
after their creation. The Elves reigned over the world for 5,000 years before any other culture came to exist. Be sure to make your culture afterwards, unless you ask permission by the timeperiods owner, whom is the Universal Caretaker.

0- This is the birth of the elven society known as the Untari, birthed out of the prehistorical elven tribes and cultures. Deep in the forest lands of Toran, the first named continent and first name for the planet they live in. Untari were known to future cultures as the first Forest Elves.

1560- This is the day the Oraga tribe began it's first major civilization, known as High Elves, due to their light skin and their cultures base being in open plains, the highlands of Toran.

2546- The Doriti tribe came to be forged on this day, known as the Dark Elves, for their worship of the darker aspects of life, and their tone of skin, far darker then their mother culture, the Untari.

Age of Civilization

After the wide expansion of cultures and species on this planet, a new age came to exist, once beasts of burden, farming the land, and weapons were used in the major population of the planet. During which times governmental systems began to develop, mostly in the form of monarchies, yet many other forms were forged through the wide expansion of knowledge, war and unity.

No cultures exist in this timeperiod yet.

Age of Chaos

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