Chapter VI: Creating Characters

Their are many ways to create characters, and a few difference levels of importance for the characters. Firstly you could start at any point. For simplicity reasons it will be labels from common beginning to common end.

Character Design

This is only a potential guideline and in know way suggests the only or best way of creating you character, whatever way is most comfortable to you would be the best way for you.

Physical Information

This is the category where you physical information goes. Including, yet not limited too, the following, The name of your character, the age, the gender, species(race and or subculture), the physical appearance and or natural(non-supernatural) abilities of your characters. Or the Job/Class they partake or are interested in learning. The village and culture he grew up in, can also be considered physical information.

Mental Information

This can be anything from the mental understanding/awareness of your character, to the mental development, concept of reality, belief system, or method of operation. Including their fears, joys, what makes them happy or sad, etc.


This goes from the weapons, tools, instruments, clothes and equipment used. Forged by any of the Materials that exist within the world created.

Metaphysical Abilities

This includes anything from the magical abilities or supernatural abilities the character has, all the way to the mental construction's they can create with the awareness and expansion of the individuals mind.

Family Tree

This is the existing record of your characters family tree, anywhere from his imidiate family, siblings and parents, to his expanded family, cousin's, aunt's or uncles, or any other diversion of the family tree. From the first birth of the family, to the last. It is open ended, how much, or how little you wish to input.


This is the section where you put your characters history, from his birth, to his education. Any major events within his life, or before his life, that influences his present, or future. The path they follow to the interaction with their culture beliefs.

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