The celles are a very ancient race, dating nearly as far back as the angels. They were very evil and negative in mentality, causing the first forms of primitive slavery and sending the angels far into hidding in the ancient days. They are commonly considered the Giants of the Past or Death Angels.

They live long into their thousands and were the first to create building within the darkened caves of Milensor. They were the first to use tools and ancient weaponry, sticks and stones. The first civilization was founded by Ulem Taola. A great cellestral who was given great mental and physical abilities, allowing him the great ability to unite the scattered celles and attempt to take destroy the planet. Sentenced by Ulem's inner god, Onlani, DeathMyst, to destroy the angels and other species, forcing the rest into slavery to create the large constructs within the Milensor cavern.

Physical Description

The celles species often stands 8-10 feet high, weighing roughly 340 pounds, which with their great height makes them very muscluar and powerful, not limiting their speed in the slightest. A Cellestral is born with bluish green skin and often wears mammoth or another large mammal's hide.
Their eyes are pure black and are often completely bald, instead of a common sentient nose, they have two holes and a narrow nose, close to their face. As with their ears they are nonexistence, two holes aswell on both sides of their face act and perform the function of common ears, yet with 100% more accuracy.

Historical Information

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