Create your own creature or use another nontrademarked creature.


Air Elemental - An illusive creature made of wind. The rarest of elementals because it can only appear in a tornado shape. Can be aggressive or helpful.

Akhult - An evil spirit that can take the form of either a wolf or a killer whale.

Antlion - A creature similar to ants with it's behavior as they group in 'hives'. A major difference though, is they average around 7 foot and are formidable opponents in groups.


Basilisk - A large snake-like creature with chicken feathers is said to be the female form of a Cockatrice. This monster can turn anyone into stone by looking at it.


Chimera - A monstrous creature, offspring of Typhon and Echidna. With the heads of a lion, a dragon, a goat and a snake, it's 360 degree vision make it as observant as it is deadly.

Cockatrice - A Cockatrice is said to be the male form of a Basilisk. A lizard/chicken hybrid with eyes that can turn anyone into stone.



Earth Elemental - A creature made of magic and stones or leaves. Earth elementals are usually friendly and are very wise. Could look like a tree or a mountain or anything between.

Echinda - An amalgamation of a Nymph and a Snake, rumoured to be the creator of every malevolent monster that walks the earth.


Familiar - A beast that a magic user will either summon or tame to help in the magic making process.

Fire Elemental - A creature born of fire and magic. Can look like anything between a single flame to a roaring forest fire depending on its strength. Usually hostile and unfriendly.


Giant Arachne - Giant version of a spider. Tends to carry off cows and horses from nearby farms.

Giant Worm-

Gog - Less powerful version of a Magog.

Golem - Big, generally slow beasts made of natural substances (ie. sand, iron, stone, wood, ext.)

Gryphon - Also called a Griffin, this animal is about the size of a fully grown horse. It has the head, forequarters and wings of an eagle and the hindquarters and tail of a lion. It is generally easy to tame, but demands respect.


Hydra - A giant lizard-like creature with two or more heads. When a head is cut off it regenerates with two more.



Jikiniki - The restless spirits of gluttonous indiviuals who are cursed to seek out and consume the corpses of others.


Kappa - A type of Imp that lives around or in a lake. A Kappa has an indent on the top of its head where water collects. If the water was spilled it would leave the Kappa vulnerable.


Lammasu - A lion with wings.





Oni - Once invisible Gods that caused disasters and malevolence, these demons now walk the earth disguised as mortals. No amount of deception can hide it's promenant horns.

Onibi - A Fire Elemental comprised of the anger, pain and suffering of restless spirits


Phoenix - A firebird. He can heal a person with a tear from its eyes.


Qilin - A combination of a Dragon, an Ox and a Deer. It's horns stand tall and proud.



Salamander - A creature that averages between 3 and 5 feet long and has three sets of legs. Salamanders are born of fire and can only be killed when their birthing fire has gone out.


Typhon - A giant monster with the bottom half as a snake. It has wings and a thousand heads upon its shoulders.


Umbro- The dark feelings of the human heart, which manifest itself into organic form. They are tied to the Luzo's, their human partners.

Unicorn - A creature that is usually know and described for being a white horse with a single long horn in the middle of their forehead.




Water Elemental - A creature made of water and magic. Usually not far from lakes, rivers or any body of water as they will evaporate or freeze if going into hot or cold areas. Very friendly and helpful.

Will-o-wisp - Said to be either a monster holding a lantern or just the light itself, a Will-o-wisp will try to lead people coming close to it into a swamp to die or to get lost.




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