Anubis are humanoid jackals. They bodies are humanoid while their head and feet are that of a jackal. They first became a civilization in the late 14,000's, rising as great warriors and wizards in the ancient medieval days. The first culture was known as Terium'ha(Great Seed in their native tongue).


In the early ages, far before the first civilizations the Anubi roamed the open world with the angels and Cellestrals(Also known as AncientDemons). They were constantly in conflict with the Cellestral's and lost many of their numbers, under the elves interfer.

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Jer'ltra Jer'ltral were considers the "Desert" anubi, being the very first anubi culture to exist. They were dark brownish in colour and covered in fur all over their body. They often used sticks and stones as weapons, evolving to sentient-intelligence very slowly compared to most species).

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