Ancient Legends

This is not only a single novel, but will consist of many novels, written by you and me. This will be the ultimate showcase of novels, short stories, poetry or graphic novels dedicated to this realm. It will be organized by time period to make it easy to find certain interest's, or places for inspiration.

Ancient Tales

Ancient tales is any document inwhich describes the time between the origins of sentient birth to 10,000 years after the Golden Age.

The Ancient Legends

Long ago, there was a tale of a young man, born into the life of a shaman, far into the ancient years of tribes and huts. His name was Tai-Lonto, which in their native tongue meant Wolf's Tooth. All young shaman are sent far into the wilderness for 17 days to survive with no aid from another. He was given the test at a very young age, younger then any before him, which was despised by most of the elder's in the tribe. Despite this, he was given permission to begin the trials at the young age of 20, most elves lived long into their four-hundreds in those days…

Chapter I: Trials of the Flesh

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Medieval Legends

Knights of Olde

The legends of the knight Allec Tri'ul, 16th seed of the tri'ul bloodline. Sent into the Alterian Kingdom to become a knight, who rose to become a leader. With absolute power, comes absolute destruction. From the greed for riches, blood and glory to the fall of a nation, a man and the weakness of sentient blood.

Intro:Fallen, Tales of the Dark Knight
Part I:Inner pain, The rage of Ancient Blood

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