Chapter VII: List of Supernatural Abilities

This has many potential aspects to it, and in truth has no real limit, other then imagination itself. To begin with their is one core way to look at all supernatural abilites, as the manipulation of a said element, or object within existence, including mental objects.

Potential Manipulations of Elements


Kinesis is the movements of any elements or object, within this the potential to push, pull, distort, exhort or expand any element with mental ability becomes possible. Including the elements of the mind and body.

Possible Uses

Embodying Elements- As an example, becoming pure flames or water, or complete steel. Manipulating either the elements within or the elements outside.

Spheres, Waves, beams, etc- This can be considered as large balls of flame, waves of pure energy, beams of ice, or a large wall of flame/ice or any other material to protect an individual.

Levitation- To move yourself or another object around with the power of the mind, rather then the power of the physical body

Metaphysical Self- This can be anything from the energetic body which exists within the dimension between this existence and the other, to incorporating the energy of the mind into a physical body of pure energy, able to move, interact and react with the physical reality around. The energetic body between realities can also extend to another dimension, reality, or timeline within the expanded, unlimited universe.

Manipulation of the Body- Increasing speed, strength or ability to react to the enviroment, jumping at extreme speeds, bending objects with little effect of the body or mind.


An extended manner of collecting mental information outside of the five major sentences. Including anything from clairvoyance or empathy for other's emotions.

Empathy- The ability, to sense perceive or mentally harbor another's feelings through the perception of the mind, separate to the body.

Clairvoyance- This is the ability to gain information from objects, events or any other aspect from reality apart from the five main senses.

Common Telepathy- Communication with another person from a small to a large distance, with the mind alone, and no physical abilities, such as speech or sign language.

This can also be described as the ability to perceive distances without visual perception. With the embedded perception created with the mind, through either subconscious understand, or the universal connection, allowing the imprint of physical reality to be converted into mental perception.

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