Base Concept

Ancient Legends is a community based world building project. That is to say anyone can edit or add to this growing world. Some of the ways to interact including but not limited too stories, poems, legends, myths, roleplaying rooms, flash or java based computer games, roleplaying or adventure games.


The world consists of a numerous amount Species most with the ability to create villages, towns and large cities. The key is to create a large world with as many sentient and nonsentient species as the human imagination can concieve. If two minds are better then one, dozens of minds will be way better then one.

The initial interaction will be created on the Timeline page. Where you will be able to put your own culture(s) or stories of a species you enjoy. The map will be four times the size of the earth allowing for many more civilizations then are planet has. If you need help to find out what you can do visit the things to do page.

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